AFP’s strike operation, foiled by the NPA

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Press statement
April 22, 2017

A unit of the the Norben Gruta Command (NGC), NPA-West Camarines Sur foiled a strike operation attempted by the 92nd Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) last April 20 in Barangay Bagong Silang, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.

At around 7:00 am, April 20, the 92nd DRC raided the temporary base being built by the NGC unit for its military training. Due to skillful defense, no NPA elements were wounded nor killed. On the other handed, no less than two were wounded on the the side of the AFP. According to the residents, an AFP helicopter went back to the site twice after the encounter.

According to friends from the media, an earlier report from the 9th ID, AFP stated that ten NPA elements were wounded during the said operation; this was allegedly the report first received by the Philippine National Police (PNP)-Del Gallego. However, it was immediately recalled and the 9th ID released a new official statement.

This is another huge blow for the 9th ID. Even though they initiated the operation, in the end, they were placed at a disadvantage. The Norben Gruta Command calls on the people to continue to be vigilant against the schemes of the 9th ID. It is likely that the residents will be the ones to bear the brunt of the 9th ID’s recent loss, as evidenced by the previous fake encounters where civilians were victimized. The masses, even the media, are now aware of the habitual
lies of the AFP. Continue the critical analysis of future fake news and fake statements from the AFP regarding the supposedly weakening of NPA forces in the Bicol region.

Amidst the ongoing peace talks, AFP militarists continue their devious schemes to besmirch or belittle the revolutionary movement’s standing in the negotiations. On the other hand, the New People’s Army extends its full support to the peace talks. The Norben Gruta Command encourages the people to unite in supporting the peace talks while advancing the people’s war to achieve genuine peace based on progress and justice.

Michael Robredo
Norben Gruta Command
New People’s Army – West Camarines Sur

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