AGC-NPA rejoinder to the craven and traitorous statement of the 303rd Brigade

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Severe damage to the people will be the consequence of 303rd Brigade Commander BGen. Benedict Arevalo’s statement on the Philippine Army’s plan to use cannons against the New People’s Army (NPA) here in Negros so that “303rd Brigade forces can reach the Red fighters even from a distance.” This after the ranks of mercenary troops in the Armed Forces of the Philippines sustained heavy casualties during the victorious NPA offensive in Eastern Samar.

Arevalo’s statement is both craven and traitorous. It must be opposed and firmly stopped by the entire Negrosanons because homes in communities will be majorly affected and it will result to the destruction of living conditions and livelihood especially in the countryside. It will be an addition to the list of crimes and human rights abuses committed by the AFP/PNP against the people.

Catastrophic military operations such as aerial bombings utilized by fascist state forces in Bicol and Samar, both under Memorandum Order 32 including Negros, are expected to follow Arevalo’s statement. Mortars have already been used in the latest encounter between the 62nd IB and the NPA at Sitio Canlusong, Barangay Cansalungon, Isabela last November 22.

Weapons in the hands of warmongering, fascist-terrorist minds of the AFP/PNP will result to no other than harm to the people. This manifests the AFP/PNP’s fear of the expanding revolutionary movement. Proof that the extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare of the NPA for the advance of a protracted people’s war is shaking the foundations of the butcher Duterte regime.

Taking advantage of billions of funds from the people’s coffers and government resources, in the name of the “whole-of-nation” approach, fascist state agents rampantly entrap officials of Local Government Units (LGU) to force them into declaring the CPP-NPA-NDFP as “persona-non-grata” in their jurisdiction. LGU officials are urged not to allow themselves to be intimidated and deceived by Duterte’s running dogs. They must be sincere in their service to the people and help in exposing the corruption and rottenness of the AFP and PNP.

Contrary to Arevalo’s blabber, revenge is not in the principles of the NPA, instead, it adheres to the discipline and regulations prescribed by the Communist Party of the Philippines. The NPA upholds social justice demanded by the people; through protracted people’s war, it forwards the long-time aspiration of the broad oppressed classes for freedom from the oppressive and exploitative semicolonial and semifeudal system and for the realization of genuine land reform and national industrialization. 

In the upcoming anniversary of the 51 years of the CPP’s leading role in the advance of the national democratic revolution, the increasing membership of the Party, the brave Red fighters of the people and the entire revolutionary forces celebrate 51 years of struggle for the interest of the broad oppressed and exploited classes. As the Philippine revolution advances the moribund rule of big bourgeois compradors and landlords weaken further. The NPA under the absolute leadership of the Party continues to sincerely serve the people and confront the fascist-terrorist enemy of the people to defend them and fight for their aspirations.

Long live the oppressed masses!
Frustrate MO32 and EO70!
Struggle for national liberation and democracy!

Ka Juanito Magbanua
Spokesperson, Apolinario Gatmaitan Command
New People’s Army – Negros Island

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