Albayalde out, but Drug Overlord and his gang remain in power

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Duterte appointed Albayalde (left) as national police chief in April 2018 [STR/EPA]

Comment on the Bogus War on Drugs and the Resignation of Albayalde
By Jose Maria Sison

Since the beginning, the bogus war on drugs has been designed and implemented to bring about the supreme lordship of Duterte and dominance of his own set of drug lords, governors and generals over the illegal drug trade.

More then ever before the police and its officers like Bato de la Rosa and Albayalde have thrived as criminals by enjoying the presidential license to murder poor people to signal who are the masters of the trade and have benefited from corruption by being paid for the murder of tens of thousands of poor people and being allowed to recycle the drugs that they can get their hands on.

The exposed criminality and corruption of police officers are a manifestation of the corrupt, rottten and mendacious character of the Duterte regime. It promised to solve the illegal drug problem. But it has aggravated it for the benefit of his own cabal of criminals in power.

The resignation of Albayalde and replacement by another one appointee of Duterte will not bring changes favorable to the people. The supreme protector of drug lords remains in power and even condones the exposed corruption of Albayalde.

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