Army Colonel Lactao is out of tune, worse than the deranged Col. Sumagaysay

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Spokesperson, NDFP-Negros Island

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Colonel Lactao’s head has bloated when he fantasized about his victories against the revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army. He accelerated his psy-war propaganda when the warlord-comprador of sheep-vendor of government properties Governor Maranon accompanied him for a duet.

The “dreams of victories” against the NPA is a second hand-most repeated brag of commanders of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Negros island. The AFP keeps on harping statements, especially Col Lactao, like “the NPA is weakened and running out of bullets”; “many have surrendered, captured and on the run”; etc.

On the other hand, the AFP is deploying more troops in Negros as a priority of it’s costly and anti-people Oplan Bayanihan that targets to end the insurgency in Negros in 2012. This is an old broken record, much more the slogan that “the AFP is now respecting human rights” paraded by Col Lactao.

Even if the AFP wears an angel’s or Santa Claus wardrobe to deceive the people, it’ essence remains mercenary and a puppet army serving the interests of the greedy big landlords, bourgeois compradors, and US Imperialism. The AFP and the Philippine National Police ensure to maintain a semi-colonial and semi feudal system characterized by land monopoly, export-oriented, import dependent, and debt ridden economy. As puppet troops the AFP greatly relies on the training, aid, and supply of arms from US Imperialism. Col Lactao can attest to this.

On the other hand, the NPA as a revolutionary army was established as an exact opposite of the reactionary AFP. The NPA is supported by the oppressed and exploited masses of poor peasants, workers and petit-bourgeoisie that support and participate in the national democratic revolution. The AFP as a fascist armed force serves as a recruiter and supplier of arms for the NPA. Col Oscar Lactao, who has a big responsibility in the Kananga massacre that killed innocent civilians in Leyte in 2003, can testify to this fact. Like the butcher General Palparan, Col Lactao was hastily transferred by his then commander-in-chief Gloria M. Arroyo to avoid an investigation of the bloody crime and cover up.

Oplan Bayanihan, like it’s predecessor Bantay Laya, is destined to total failure in Negros and the entire country. Even as billions of pesos are being spent by the Aquino government on Bayanihan, it will only reap more corruption within the AFP officer corps, recycled trash of lies and psychological warfare, and the expansion of the interests of the greedy land owners and businessmen

On the other hand the people, thru Aquino’s Bayanihan, will obtain state terror in the forms of extra-judicial killings, abductions, threats, occupation of community halls and schools by the military, trumped up charges, and other human rights violations. Col Lactao knows this but he is commanded by his masters to implement the order.

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