Delfin Reyes

Duterte cheap talk on peace

As the Party and NDFP has often stated, it is the policy of the revolutionary forces to remain open to peace negotiations with any ruling regime that expresses willingness to seriously discuss


On the question of resuming the formal peace talks

Despite Duterte´s scuttlling of the 5th round of formal talks in May 2017, the National Democratic Front of the Phiilippines (NDFP) has encouraged the NDFP Negotiating Panel, its Reciprocal Working Committee on


Briefing on the Philippine situation

More than ever, the Filipino people and revolutionary forces represented by the NDFP are resolved to wage various forms of revolutionary struggle against the US-Duterte regime and the entire ruling system and


Lumadnganagpagamitsapulitiko, gidis-armahansa NPA

GIDIS-ARMAHAN SA usa ka kompanya sa Pulang manggugubat, ilalomsa Eastern-Misamis Oriental-Northeastern Bukidnon (EMONEB)–Sub-Regional Command, ang usa ka Lumad nga nag pagamit sa pulitiko nga si Datu Keke Ansihagan niadtong Agosto 25, 2017,

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