CPP supports appeal not to course international aid through corrupt Aquino regime

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By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) echoes the appeal of the Filipino people to foreign governments and international aid and funding agencies who intend to help the millions of victims of the supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and other calamities in Philippines not to course their assistance to the corruption-infested Aquino regime and instead work directly with organizations doing rehabilitation work at the ground level.

For more than two months now, the Philippines has been receiving hundreds of millions of pesos in aid, most of which are officially coursed by foreign governments and international aid agencies to the Aquino government.

“International aid, however, has come in very slow trickles to the areas which suffered grave devastation,” pointed out the CPP. “The Aquino regime’s response to the Yolanda supertyphoon and other calamities has been broadly criticized as being excruciatingly slow, inefficient and insufficient.”

“In fact, a large part of the areas ravaged by the supertyphoon, especially the interior mountainous areas, have yet to receive any relief goods from the Aquino regime as its operations are largely limited to the cities and the areas by the main highways.”

“The bureaucrat capitalist Aquino regime has been condemned for failing to ensure that all foreign assistance that passes through its hands reaches the intended beneficiaries.” Towards the middle of December, items believed to be among the international aid packages that arrived in the Philippines, including canned meat and emergency rations, were found being sold in stores as well as in the streets of Metro Manila.

Recently, international agencies discovered that the bunkhouses being built by the government for the calamity victims were substandard and overpriced. Moreover, while building these bunkhouses purportedly to provide housing to the storm victims, the Aquino regime has prevented the people, especially fisherfolk, from rebuilding their homes near coastal area, effectively displacing them from their source of livelihood.

“Because large amounts of international assistance, both in material form and cash, are not subjected to auditing, these are among the most vulnerable to the plundering vultures that abound within the Aquino government,” said the CPP. “Under the corrupt Aquino regime, there is absolutely no assurance that international aid will reach the people.”

“The CPP, thus, supports the Filipino people’s stand encouraging foreign governments, international aid organizations, private foundations and individual donors to shun the corruption-infested Aquino regime, and instead work directly with mass-based relief organizations that are working directly in the communities and organizing people to enable them to struggle collectively to recover from the devastation and normalize their lives.”

“The New People’s Army, the revolutionary mass-based organizations under the umbrella of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), and barrio (village) or inter-barrio based committees of the people’s democratic government also help facilitate the flow of relief assistance and funding for rehabilitation directly to the peasant and fisherfolk communities which were badly devastated by the recent storms,” said the CPP.

“Aquino’s corruption-infested regime has made the devastation even more difficult to overcome,” said the CPP. “It has failed to allocate sufficient resources for the people’s rehabilitation efforts at the grassroots level, and has instead appropriated these resources to the use of the profit-hungry big business and their foreign funders.”

“Aquino has also ordered the intensification of military operations in the storm-devastated areas targeting the peasant masses and the toiling people who are waging struggles for land and fisheries reform, demanding debt relief from loan sharks and working collectively to increase production through building work cooperatives.”

“The Filipino people are utterly incensed that the Aquino regime has not only proven its criminal neglect in the face of grave natural calamities, but is also feeding on their misery and turning the devastatation into an opportunity for corruption and profit-making.”


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