Dela Rosa is a one-track minded fascist

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Comment on Bato badgering of student leader in Senate
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 23, 2019

Sen. Bato Dela Rosa shamelessly displayed himself a fascist power-tripper when he badgered and intimidated a student leader in the senate committee hearing to revive mandatory military training for students. Dela Rosa has singlehandely turned the senate into a full-blown perya where he endlessly squawks senseless anti-communist vitriol.

Despite the badgering, NUSP President Raoul Manuel stood firmly and intelligently. He expressed the democratic position of the students against mandatory ROTC. He made remarks against Dela Rosa which reflect the sentiments of the silenced majority of the Filipino people against Oplan Tokhang and the release of convict Antonio Sanchez.

Dela Rosa is a one-track minded fascist. Anyone who disagrees with him is immediately called a communist and an “NPA recruiter.” Indeed, this is indoctrination AFP- and PNP-style. Dela Rosa, himself, is the best evidence why ROTC must be opposed and why the military and police have no place in university discourse.

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