Denounce Senate secrecy over US role in Mamasapano — CPP

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By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today urged the Filipino people to denounce the policy of secrecy adopted by the Senate regarding US involvement in the Mamasapano operation.

At the last day of the Senate public hearings yesterday, the large part played by the US military in the inception, training, provision of equipment and conduct of the police operation to liquidate Zulkifli Bin Hir (Marwan) in Mamasapano was revealed through PNP Director Getulio Napeñas’ testimony. Napeñas said the “intelligence packet” on Marwan was provided by the US military.

While the police general insisted that no US troops joined the ground operation, he did not counter the statement by Sen. Ralph Recto that US military officers were with him at their tactical command post in Shariff Aguak, and provided him real-time video feeds from drones flying over the area.

Further discussions on the matter were, however, cut short by the Senate committee, citing “diplomatic and security” implications.

The CPP decried the Senate policy of secrecy over matters involving the US military. “Claimed diplomatic and security implications are not at par with considerations of national sovereignty, especially in a situation where a foreign military force is apparently able to exert operational and doctrinal influence over the local police and military, or some of its units.”

“The information revealed yesterday confirm that the US military was deeply involved in the Mamasapano operation, countering earlier claims by Aquino’s foreign affairs officials that the operation was ‘100% Filipino’,” said the CPP. “Aquino and his officials have long been lying to hide the involvement of the US.”

“US involvement in the Mamasapano operation constitutes grave violations of Philippine sovereignty at various levels including the conduct of intelligence and surveillance operations, the operation of aerial drones for surveillance, the provision of training and equipment, interference in the conduct and command of the operations, and so on,” added the CPP. The CPP also cited testimonies by local witnesses that at least one Caucasian trooper was seen among the police casualties.

The CPP further urged the Filipino people to rise up in protest against the planned Balikatan exercises on 5-17 April which serves as cover for continuing US military intervention in the Philippines, and will lead to more cases of military interference and violations of Philippine sovereignty as in the case of US involvement in the Mamasapano operation.

“The annual Balikatan exercises are nothing but a cover for US military interventionism,” said the CPP. “So-called interoperability is nothing but a euphemism for enabling the US military to mobilize the Armed Forces of the Philippine and Philippine National Police for its military operations, as in the case of the Mamasapano operation on 25 January.”

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