Duterte regime, AFP & PNP are culpable for Sagay 9 massacre

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Comment by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
October 23, 2018

Latest report from the Department of Agrarian Reform, a civilian government agency, is to the effect that the so-called Revolutionary Proletarian Army (RPA) is probably responsible for the massacre of the nine farmers in Hacienda Nene of Sagay, Negros Ocidental. This contradicts the earlier claims of Duterte and his military minions that the NPA is responsible for the massacre.

The so-called RPA has long been a paramilitary auxiliary of the AFP and PNP and is practically a private gang of the provincial governor and sugar landlords. However. The Duterte regime, the AFP and PNP cannot escape responsibility for the continuing existence and crimes of the RPA. The RPA always operates under the command and direction of the AFP and the PNP.

The culpability of the Duterte regime, AFP and PNP for the massacre of nine farmers is emphasized by their baseless blaming of the NPA as the perpetrator. By blaming the NPA, the real perpetrators are covered up and go scotfree after murdering the poor farmers, including two minors. This is in line with the Duterte policy of killing poor people with impunity.

The people know very well that the victimized farmers belong to the National Federation of Sugar Workers, which the AFP and PNP have long accused of being a ”front” organization of the CPP and NPA. But the Duterte regime. AFP and PNP know no bounds for outrightly lying and self-contradiction when they commit crimes against the poor with impunity.

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