Duterte regime is traitorous and corrupt by giving up Philippine sovereign rights

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By Jose Maria Sison,
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

The traitors and crooks in the Duterte regime take the Filipino people for fools by trying to make them believe that there will be 60-40 per cent production sharing between the Philippines and China respectively in the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea.

The Filipino people understand the following:

1. If the Philippines does not require China to recognize and respect Philippine sovereign rights and ownership over the oil and gas resources in the first place in the text of the contract, then China can at anytime assert and enforce its unlawful presumption and false claim that i has the sovereign rights and ownership and it can deprive the Philippines of any share of production.

2. China can humor the Philippine authorities for a short while by formally accepting a 60-40 per cent production-sharing “in favor” of the Philippines. But in real terms, the Philippines will get far less than 60 per cent or even nothing, because China monopolizes the technology, can at will bloat the costs of exploration and production and can keep the Philippines ignorant of the actual production.

The gangsters in power in the Philippines are extremely corrupt by accepting a contract with China by which the Philippines gives up its sovereign rights and natural resources to China. That they are well bribed by China to the detriment of the Filipino is well exposed by the anti-Philippine terms of the contract as explained above.

The corruption of the Duerte gang is further exposed by its refusal to assert the Philippine right of ownership and hire a foreign non-Chinese company that has no claim of ownership over the West Philippine Sea and is well proven to be far superior to the Chinese in undersea oil and gas exploration and development as in the North Atlantic Sea.

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