Duterte ruling clique is corrupt in official and criminal relations with China

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By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 21, 2019

China’s official demand for the Philippines to ban such criminal activities as the offshore gambling operations of the Chinese triads in the Philippines underscores the fact that the Duterte ruling clique is privately benefiting from corruption in relating to China at two levels: the official and the criminal.

Corruption at the the official level involves taking commissions and other payoffs in connection with high interests loans from Chinese banks, overpriced infrastructure projects with Chinese state and private corporations and telecommunications projects to transfer foreign control of Philippine “national security” from the US to China.

Corruption at the criminal level involves Duterte himself, his close relatives and cronies taking a large cut from Chinese criminal triads in the smuggling of illegal drugs, rice and other commodities and from the operation of casinos and offshore gambling operations.

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