Duterte’s localized peace talks are maneuvers for unconditional surrender

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Ka Oris
National Operations Command, New People’s Army
14 July 2018

Like a fool on a hill, President Duterte will be talking to himself in his government’s much-vaunted localized peace talks with the NPA.

Jorge Madlos Ka Oris asiancorrespondent-com
National Operations Command Spokesperson Ka Oris

The so-called localized peace talks is nothing but a deceitful psywar ploy to cover up the total trashing of the peace process in favor of a fascist pipe dream of a quick militarist solution to the armed conflict by sheer brute force. It is pure “counterinsurgency” pretending to talk about peace.

Its immediate purpose is to have something to report about peace in this coming State of the Nation Address. Its main purpose is to sow distrust, disunity and discord among the revolutionary ranks by pitting the local forces against the national leadership, one part against another, and the masses against the movement. In truth, the regime does not desire peace talks, just the unconditonal surrender of the NPA forces.

The shift to localized peace talks is done concurrent with unprecedently widespread militarization of peasant and indigenous communities, bombings, arbitrary arrests and killings of activist and peasant leaders and widespread suppression of people’s struggles especially in Mindanao where more than 60% of the AFP total maneuver battallions are now deployed. On top of being subjected to unbridled fascist terror, the peasant masses will now be further coerced to become unwilling participants in the local peace talk charades that the regime and its blood-thirsty military are putting up.

Duterte, with warmongers and “Amboys” Lorenzana, Esperon, General Ano of the DILG and the OPAPP have succeeded in shooting down the GRP-NDFP talks in favor of the sham localized peace talks. They swagger to and fro to create appearances that there will be such talks, inventing and arbitrarily choosing the entities to talk with, in the same way they invent mass surrenders of NPA members and supporters.

Instead of seriously addressing the people’s needs for genuine land reform, national industrialization and national sovereignty, the imperialist puppet Duterte regime has opted for sheer military force and fascist brutality in attempting to impose unconditional surrender on the revolutionary forces.

Under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army stands solidly on the NDFP position upholding the provisions of the The Hague Joint Declaration, CARHRIHL, JASIG and other agreements forged in previous peace negotiations. NPA units at all levels will not entertain localized peace talks but will certainly respect all agreements entered into by the NDFP.

As the true people’s army, in the face of the intensifying brutality of the “Oplan Kapayapaan,” we are duty bound to launch tactical offensives as an act of self-defense and in defense of the people and the gains of the revolution. A true people’s army will never surrender and compromise the interest of the people.

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