Duterte’s threat of Interpol arrest bares ignorance of international law

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On the false charge against me and the postwar that I am subject to extradition
Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Interpol cannot arrest me because I am a recognized political refugee. I am protected by the Refugee Convention and by the European Convention on Human Rights. There is also no extradition treaty between the Netherlands and the Philippines, not to mention the Europe-wide bad standing of the Duterte regime as human rights violator and mass murderer.

The charge is invalid and cannot pass the test of due process in the Netherlands. I have my rights to be informed of the charge, to have counsel and to ask for judicial review. My lawyers can easily debunk the charge which refers to a fabricated incident in 1985. I was then under maximum security detention and had no authority in the CPP and NPA. 

My points here are sustained by previous court decisions in the Netherlands at the highest level of the judicial system.

Duterte and his military nincompoops are just doing psywar about something that they do not know anything about. They merely expose their ignorance of international law by repeatedly yakking that I am subject to extradition by Interpol.

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