Esperon is bluffing and exposing his ignorance or disrespect for the law governing INTERPOL

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By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

It has been nearly two months since General Albayalde, chieftain of the ninja cops in the illegal drug trade, boastfully announced on September 10, 2019 that I would soon be arrested with the use of the Interpol on the false charge of being responsible for the the so-called Inopacan massacre fabricated by General Esperon during the Arroyo regime. No arrest has been made up to this time.

Now here comes General Esperon himself, the original inventor of the Inopacan yarn who made the sacks of bones walk from the Baybay case to the Inopacan case, belatedly bluffing and boasting that a team of his Filipino operatives is already in Europe collaborating with Interpol personnel in all-out plan to arrest me. 

I assure the public that Esperon is merely exposing his ignorance or disrespect for the law governing the Interpol by bluffing that its personnel are collaborating with his team in operations to arrest me. 

According to law and its defined tasks, the Interpol does not engage in arrest operations but can at the most collect and disseminate information to national police forces and coordinate cooperation between national police forces, for example between those of the Philippines and the Netherlands where I am.

There is no way for the Duterte regime and its armed minions to arrest me without taking into account the jurisdiction of the Netherlands, its own sovereign laws regarding due process and its conformity to international conventions on refugees, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

I must stress two legal points to Esperon, his master Duterte and all their armed minions:

First, the Interpol does not deploy personnel for arrest operations and does not disseminate derogatory information against any one if the information is predominantly politically-motivated, like the Inopacan fabrication, which was supposed to have occurred in 1985 while I had no position in the CPP and was under maximum military detention during the Marcos regime.

Second, there is due process in the Netherlands unlike the Philippines which is dominated by a regime that has become notorious for extrajudicial killings with impunity. I must remind Esperon that he failed to cause my extradition in 2005 because I have the right of non-refoulement as a recognized political refugee and likewise the false charges he fabricated against me in 2006 and 2007 did not suffice to keep me in prison. 

I won my case in the Dutch court against the false charge of multiple murder because there is due process in the Netherlands, which is bound by its own sovereign laws and by international conventions on refugees, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The more Hermogenes Esperon talks about arresting me, the more he reinforces my status as a recognized political refugee. He is proving to The Netherlands and the European Union how the Philippine government under Duterte threatens and persecutes dissenters and critics like myself. Esperon’s boasts would be added to the rich case file for status as a recognized political refugee.

Esperon is deluding only himself and Duterte that they could arrest me, or that they could fool the rest of the world into arresting me. There are limits to his delusion, and the limits include Dutch, and European laws and international human rights conventions and Dutch laws. 

Esperon should never forget that when he was military chief under the Arroyo regime, he and his minions tried to hoodwink the Dutch prosecutors and courts with the fabricated case against me. They succeeded in having me arrested for some 17 days, only to be freed by the court which found the case weak, unsustainable and incredible. 

I challenge Esperon and Duterte to arrest Imelda Marcos, former police chief Albayalde, and other big criminals who are in fact scandalously allied with the Duterte regime . He should stop picking on me. The most I can do abroad is to exercise my freedom of thought and expression. And I am well supported and defended by my lawyers, solidarity activists and people.

Duterte, Esperon and other murderous criminals in power in the Philippines should prepare to be impleaded in the ICC proceedings. It is more probable to see Duterte and Esperon arrested in the near future, than someone like me who has respected the laws of the country where I stay as a recognized political refugee. 

As a descendant of the Marcos fascist dictatorship and now one of the top hatchetmen of the Duterte tyranny, national security adviser General Esperon must be reminded that I stand for freedom and justice and the national and social liberation of the Filipino people and that I have a record of prevailing over tyrannical regimes and over false charges, as when I became one of the winning plaintiffs in the human rights case against Marcos and frustrated Esperon’s fabricated charge in 2007 which was dismissed by the court concerned in The Netherlands ###

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