Fakery is the name of the game for Duterte government and military

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Comment on Duterte’s NTC-ELCAC and Pipedream
By Jose Maria Sison

Because of the militarization and fascisation of the reactionary government under the NTF-ELCAC, civil and military personnel and resources are being misallocated and bureaucratic and military corruption IS HEAVILY FED.

The corrupt military and civilian officials would rather make money on fake development and fake community support projects and on fake surrenders and fake casualties for the purpose of pure psywar, thus further bankrupting the reactionary government.

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These fakeries reduce the number of military and police personnel for the battlefield. But even if these were increased in the so-called focus areas, they are kept blind and deaf by the people’s support for their own people’s army.

The NPA has also skillfully used the tactics of shifting from areas under concentrated enemy attack, concentrating elsewhere to attack the weak points of the enemy and dispersing to do mass work.

Duterte is crazed by too much power for his little brain and is pipedreaming with Fentanyl. Absurdly he keeps on decreeing the impossible extermination of the CPP, NPA and the oppressed and exploited people who support the CPP and NPA.

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