Fidel Agcaoili: On the lies peddled by Lorenzana, Año and Roque

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NDFP Negotiating Panel Chair Fidel Agcaoili (archive photo)

Lorenzana, Año and Roque must have been asleep when GRP President Duterte issued Proclamation 360 terminating the peace negotiations. This proclamation has never been rescinded, impliedly or otherwise, and remains in place since November 2017. Also in place are Proclamation 374 and the proscription case against the CPP and NPA.

In fact Duterte postponed the mutually agreed upon date by the Parties for the resumption of the formal talks on June 28-30, 2018, in Oslo, Norway, which would have removed the impediments put up by the GRP to advance the peace negotiations forward.

For the record, the NDFP has never put forward any demand for a coalition government. This has been clarified several times by Prof. Jose Maria Sison to the GRP and the Third Party Facilitator, the Royal Norwegian Government, since October 2017.

It was during the time of Noynoy Aquino when Atty. Alex Padilla under then OPAPP Ging Deles raised the spectre of a coalition government. It was also then that the NDFP draft of CASER was described as “socialist” – though a simple reading of the draft would show that it is basically bourgeois democratic with a firm stand against the imperialist policy of neo-liberal globalization.

So, an allegedly anti-Aquino regime has adopted the false narrative of its arch enemy to waylay the peace talks.

At any rate, it looks like the orchestrated lies and attacks of Lorenzana, Año and Roque against Prof. Sison have sounded the death knell on the peace talks under the Duterte regime. The peace spoilers seem to have won the day! ###

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