Glory to the New People’s Army!

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Marxist-Leninist Communist Party, Tukey/North Kurdistan

Dear Comrades,

The New People’s Army, which you celebrate its 45th foundation anniversary, is the heart of Philippine people’s and labourers’ liberation struggle.

While it leads the land reforms for peasants and their self-rule, it also represents the war power of the struggle for freedom against the dictatorship of Philippine ruling classes and their master US imperialism.

For decades we have followed with appreciation the struggle of the New People’s Army and the Communist Party of Philippines, and try to learn from you.

As the world working class and peoples, our liberation fight against the imperialist capitalist system and their militarist states, and our fight for revolution and socialism is a common struggle. The New People’s Army and it’s vanguard CPP have added internationalist strength and value to our common fight for revolution and socialism through its 45 years of struggle with great sacrifices.

Your unyielding resistance against pro-US ruling classes from Marcos to Aquino and to war generals, against reactionary-fascist dictatorships’ war of destruction and tricks have become an example for us all. You have fought in forefront when the world revolution was on the agenda, and you have fought in forefront in the last 20 years when reactionary wind was blown in the world. You became the source of bravery, hope and resistance.

Today the working class and labourers of the world are raising the wave of uprisings from South Europe to Arab Middle East and Africa against capitalist-imperialist system. The wind of revolution blowing from Philippines to Nepal, India to North and West (Rojava) Kurdistan, to Colombia, tries to upraise the world revolution again through urban uprisings. The June uprising in Turkey joined in this honourable struggle too.

We believe the wind, which begun to blow from our side in the world today, will also strengthen the Philippines revolution that you have brought up to this point through giving thousands of martyrs and resistance; we believe it will lead to more victories that your party and army deserve. On behalf of our Party, MLCP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party), which fought in forefront in June uprising and has the honour of fighting in Rojava, we salute the CPP and NPA.

We remember your women and men martyrs with respect by promising that we will let them live forever in our fight for revolution and socialism in the world. We also salute you, the NPA fighters and peoples of Philippines with our deepest revolutionary comradely feelings.

Glory to the NPA in its 45th Annivesary!
Long Live the Struggle for Revolution and Socialism in the World!

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