Hold high the flag of the CPP on its 45th anniversary!

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!

To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Phillipines

Dear Comrades,

This 26th December 2013, the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of People’s Rights-Brazil (FRDDP-Brazil) sends Red greetings to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Phlippines (CPP) for the celebration of 45 years of your organization. We warmly greet your leaders, cadres and other militants, as well as the masses run and organized by the Party fighting heroically for New Democracy Revolution and Communism. We greet the New People’s Army, commands and Red combatants, especially its glorious and unforgettable martyrs. We greet also the National Democratic Front, all masses and national minorities, mobilized and organized against imperialism and the local ruling classes.

For decades, persisting on the revolutionary road of People’s War, the CPP became a recognized vanguard of the Philippine proletariat and an advanced detachment of the international proletariat.

With joy, we greet the big victories of the New People’s Army under the firm direction of CPP — which has given proof of heroism and sacrifices, defeating the successive genocidal campaigns, such as the current Oplan Bayanihan, supported and financed for US — hrough correct and successives tactical offensives; conquering big victories for the people and the revolution, and propeling the People’s War according to the goal and plans of CPP to advance to the stage of strategic stalemate; converting, more and more, the NPA into a poweful People’s Army –backbone of the new Red power that is growing up with the support of masses.

After 45 years of organization of CPP, the ideas of founders that took on the shining path of Revolution becoming reality with the big victories in the social and national liberation struggles won by the New Democracy Revolution. The People’s War directed by the CPP is one torch that lights the way and propels the national liberation struggles in opressed countries and for opressed masses of the world, converting all the subcontinent in one of the most advanced trenches of proletarian revolution of the world. Those victories are crowned by the auspicious plan to achieve the strategic stalemate called upon by the Central Committee of the CPP on the occasion of the 43rdanniversary of the NPA.

The flames launched from the trenches of People’s War in the Philippines, India, Peru, and Turkey are setting fire, more and more, to the heart of the youth and masses all over the world. Following those examples, the new generations of international proletariat are struggling to forge the tools of revolution in their own countries. Every achievement are great victories of the proletariat which are opening bright prospects for the proletarian revolution around the world.

In 2013, in the biggest cities in Brazil, the Brazilian people rose in great waves of protests. Those big popular rebelions in the cities — with the efforts and hard work of Maoists and other Brazilian revolutionaries — have united with the struggle for land that the poor peasants are developing against the landlordism through the Agrarian Revolution and the development of a strong and growing revolutionary movement on the countryside. All those struggles are part of New Democracy Revolution in our country, confronting the old reactionary State of big burgeoise and landlords, servants of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism; and against the current oportunist manegement of the parties like PT/PMDB/PSB, and supported by the revisionist PCdoB (Communist Party of Brazil) led by Amazonas/Rabelo, and all the reaction. The Maoists and other Brazilian revolutionaries are working hard to pass to a new stage.

The New Democracy Revolution in the Philippines and the CPP’s experience are one great source of inspiration for the Brazilian revolutionaries, and have showed the masses the path to be follwed in our country to the struggle for social and national liberation and the protacted People’s War.

Hold high the flag of the CPP in its 45th anniversary!
Long Live 45 years of re-establishment of the CPP!
Long Live 120 years of birthday of Chairman Mao Tsetung!
Down with revisionism! Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Down with imperialist war! Long Live People’s War!
Long Live the People’s War in the Philippines!

Brazil, 26th December 2013
Frente Revolucionária de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo
Revolutionary Front for the Defense of People’s Rights)

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