IA-RKP Austria sends Red salute to the New People’s Army

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Initiative für den Aufbau einer
Revolutionär Kommunistischen Partei

Dear comrades,

We have pleasure in celebrating in Austria, EU with you the 45th anniversary of your initiating People’s War in the Philippines and are sending you our best wishes for our common struggle for the overthrow of imperialism and the further goal of socialism under the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

When your Party, the CPP re-founded in struggle against modern revisionism and liquidationism, decided to start armed actions as the beginning of protracted people’s war, nobody of us thought that it would be such a long way to march on and on. In all these decades the CPP, NPA, NDFP, and your struggle against imperialists of all sorts and for new democratic revolution in your country was a lighthouse and incentive for many revolutionaries all over the world to keep on fighting.

As you know well the revolutionary communist movement is currently in a poor state – especially in the imperialist countries including Austria. The objective conditions are getting riper and riper for a socialist revolution in many or most of the capitalist countries but the subjective factor is lagging far behind. We know that we cannot change our current situation of class struggle in our country by voluntarism, and the construction of a new revolutionary communist party in Austria depends partly on factors beyond our control. But we are also aware of the fact that it is the task of revolutionary communists to change the subjective factor gradually in relying on the working class and the masses.

In recent years, the contradictions between bourgeoisie and proletariat in our country have aggravated but the revolutionary forces split and could not really influence and give orientation to the few mass movements, most of which are controlled by petty-bourgeois and bourgeois forces.

We try to learn from your struggle in the Philippines especially from the methods and tackling. Unfortunately, the big differences in the situation between a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country as yours and an imperialist one as ours leads to a lot of misunderstandings and errors in developing a correct political line. For us in Austria, as in other imperialist countries, it is neither possible nor sensible to link the party-building process closely with armed struggle or orientate the progressive and revolutionary forces of our country on a protracted peoples war. We don’t think that nowadays modern fascism is the main enemy in our country (or in the European Union) and we principally orientate our struggle towards the overthrow of the capitalist system of oppression and exploitation.

In this context, we always stress the fact that Austria is an imperialist country with a monopoly bourgeoisie exploiting and plundering the workers, peoples and resources of semi-colonial countries (as well as their migrants in Austria – there is also a big Philippine community here which we are in contact with).

Especially, but not only in relation with international solidarity work, we regularly propagate the liberation struggle in the Philippines and the “Proletarian Revolution” magazine affiliated with our movement always publishes articles about your advances of NPA and NDFP under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

We want to close with a Red salute to all comrades of the NPA including especially those martyred in the 45 years of struggle.

Advance peoples war and new democratic revolution in the Philippines!
Down with imperialism of all kinds!
Long live international solidarity and world-wide fraternity of revolutionary communists!


Initiative for the Construction of a Revolutionary Communist Party (Austria)
IA*RKP (iarkp.wordpress.com)

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