IACC sends revolutionary greetings and felicitations

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General Secretary
International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee

Dear Comrade Jalandoni,

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the New People’s Army, we from the International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee (IACC) send you revolutionary greetings and felicitations.

The Communist Party of Philippines and the New People’s Army have been fighting the fascist US-backed regime for 45 years with great determination. The savage oppressive measures and military onslaught of the Government have not been able to break their fighting spirit. Their valiant fight has earned the confidence and support of the oppressed people of Philippines and has inspired the people all over the globe to fight against exploitation and injustice.

We are confident that they will emerge victorious and bring about the cherished liberation of the Filipino people, smashing the fascistic state machinery of the bourgeois class. We wish you a glorious success in your struggle.

With revolutionary greetings and in solidarity,

Manik Mukherjee
General Secretary
International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee

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