Imploding regime revives destabilization scare

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NDFP National Council
Public Information Office

Press Statement | September 21, 2018

Having tried and failed to jail opposition Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV by way of a badly scripted scheme to void his amnesty, Rodrigo Duterte and his dirty band are once again raising the destabilization bogey in a desperate bid to wring some benefit out of their latest fiasco.

Again, we hear Duterte ramble that the botched move against Trillanes was necessary to avert an alleged destabilization plot involving Trillanes’ group, the “Yellows” and the “Reds” that will unfold on the 46th anniversary of Marcos’ martial law today and peak this October. 

As part of the drama, the recent bombings in Mindanao and supposed threats of bombings in Metro Manila are being blamed on the New People’s Army (NPA).

Duterte is obviously anxious about the growth of the broad united front against his rising tyranny. He knows that people of increasingly varied political persuasions are set to gather on the Marcosian martial law anniversary in a massive show of defiance against any plan by Duterte to replicate the dictatorship. So great is his panic that he has spread the intrigue that today’s mass action has been organized by the CPP-NPA-NDF. 

In truth, Duterte is his own biggest destabilizer. His clear drift towards tyrannical rule is being rejected by more and more Filipinos. His imposition of onerous taxes and his big-ticket infrastructure projects are fueling not just inflation but the people’s anger. His murderous war on drugs is causing more alarm as the bodies keep piling up.  Exposés of corruption involving persons within Duterte’s innermost circle are stoking further indignation. Worse, Duterte is obsessed with scapegoating other forces for his own epic fails.

Through their repressive and anti-people policies, Duterte and his minions are firing up mass unrest, thus worsening the regime’s isolation and further eroding what litte is left of its base of support. The Duterte regime shudders at the thought that it is being repudiated not only by the people at large but by its increasingly restive military and police forces. ###

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