Intensify the struggle to put an end to the corrupt, decadent and despotic Duterte government

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Christians for National Liberation (CNL)

We, the Christians for National Liberation ( CNL ), raise our voice to denounce President Duterte’s government for the ever worsening economic, political and cultural crisis in the country, more so at time when the Filipino people gravely suffer under the tyranny and terrorism of his fascist regime.

Duterte’s government is responsible for the Filipino people’s deepening misery due to escalating poverty. He has brought about the further impoverishment of the toiling masses as the cost of living spiral-up and real wages plummet. The people’s burden becomes heavier as the price of basic commodities continue to increase and a monstrous tax burden is imposed under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion ( TRAIN ) law.

The Filipino people is victimized with mounting cases of killings, massacres, illegal arrests and torture. Duterte’s vicious attacks against the people have resulted to gross violations of human rights with the use of state terrorism. He unleashed an all-out war of suppression against progressive and patriotic forces and caused a wave of mass murder against civilian population under the war against drugs.
By completely shutting the door to the peace negotiations, Duterte disregarded the people’s aspiration for genuine social, political and economic reforms. He now moves to unleash the full force of the state’s fascist machinery through the Human Security Act ( HSA ) law in a hell-bent attempt to weaken the national democratic movement in the country and annihilate all forms of people’s resistance.

The push for an overhaul of the country’s political system towards federalism is fueled by Duterte’s mad drive to establish constitutional dictatorship through Charter Change. The current bid for constitutional change embodies opportunistic reforms that undermine democratic governance, and will only serve the interest of the ruling class who are in cahoots with their imperialist masters.

Duterte has sold national sovereignty and compromised the country’s independence as he exhibits continuing and increasing subservience to imperialist control. His fascist regime only serves the interest of his US and Chinese imperialist masters who collaborates with the big comprador bourgeoise and big landlords, themselves the big bureaucrat capitalists in the preservation of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal Philippine society.

Duterte’s manifest moral turpitude has made profanity a part of national discourse. He glorified violence and impunity, publicly encouraged murder, employed deceit and dishonesty in governance, and disrespected the Church and slandered the name of God, espousing a lumpen culture which lorded over our people’s collective sense of justice, moral propriety and religious values.

With the ever worsening violence of Duterte’s fascist regime and relentless oppressive attacks against the people, and with the heightening class contradiction within the Philippine semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, CNL continues to commit itself to the revolutionary duty of advancing the people’s democratic revolution.

There is no other option but to intensify the struggle to put an end to the corrupt, decadent and despotic Duterte government, essential as it is in further weakening the entire structure of the pro-imperialist and anti-people machinery of the reactionary state.

CNL joins the increasing army of the patriotic and progressive forces of the national democratic movement and the basic masses to defeat Duterte’s despotic and dictatorial regime, and towards advancing the people’s war for national and social liberation against foreign domination, domestic feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism.

As actively as Duterte drags the country to deeper economic, political and cultural crises, shuts the door for the peaceful resolution of the country’s basic problems, all the while unleashing the full force of the state’s fascist machinery to attack the people, CNL uphold and support the Filipino people’s revolutionary armed struggle..

CNL look forward to the complete victory of the Filipino people’s revolutionary armed struggle to defeat and dismantle the rotten reactionary system under Duterte’s fascist regime towards the creation of the people’s democratic government.

Renmin Malaya

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