Joma: I did not call on the student youth to engage in riots but in protest mass actions

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NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: In my recent interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I never used the word ¨riot¨ and did not call on the student youth to engage in riots but to engage in protest mass actions.

During the First Quarter Storm of 1970, which should now be remembered, it was the police and military that disrupted the mass rallies and accused the rallyists of rioting at certain times.

Below are my exact words in my interview with Delfin T. Mallari of the PDI:
¨The anti-Duterte movement can sustain the growing rage against Duterte and his regime. The student youth of today can and should launch huge mass marches and rallies in the national capital region and in the provinces, like during the First Quarter Storm of 1970.

They should begin now to celebrate, emulate and honor the militancy of the student youth who rose up in January 1970. With the signal act of the student youth, the rest of the people will participate in the mass movement: the workers, the peasants, women, youth of other sectors, cultural workers, professionals and religious.

All patriotic and progressive classes and sectors can take their respective initiatives and undertake mass campaigns and mobilizations against the Duterte regime. The rising prices of basic goods and services are already outraging and enraging the broad masses of the people. Even the unorganized masses are now predisposed to act in unison with the mass organizations.¨

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