Launch widespread people’s movement to punish Gloria Arroyo and hold-overs, including Corona

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Spokesperson, NDFP-Mindanao

The current attempt of the Aquino ruling clique to punish and remove the Chief Justice of the Arroyo Supreme Court Renato Corona through impeachment for his role in protecting Arroyo and her minions and for upsetting the Cojuangco-Aquino landlords in the Hacienda Luisita land dispute, only shows the irreconcilable conflict of self-interest within the ruling class, and furthermore exposes just how deep and barefaced bureaucrat-capitalism has rapaciously divested from the Filipino people.

While the Aquino government uses the impeachment trial to project its dogged intention to follow the “righteous path,” it cannot however dupe the Filipino people into believing that by it the reactionary government will totally rid itself of graft and corruption.

Clearly, the henchmen and high-stakes rollers loyal to Arroyo, such as Corona who remain in government, are forcibly weeded-out so that the Aquino ruling clique can consolidate its hold on power not only to emasculate the Arroyos but above all to foist its economic and political interest vis-à-vis the general interest of the Filipino masses.

It is only necessary and just for Gloria Arroyo and her minions, including Corona, to be punished for their plunder and crimes against the people during the bloody rule of the US-Arroyo regime for nearly a decade, which was characterized by ever worsening impoverishment and the murders with impunity of hundreds of activists and dissenters, including lawyers, church people, and media persons.

But, as is irrefutably proven in the country’s political history, the most effective way of removing from office a rabid reactionary is NOT through an impeachment trial, but through militant mass movement. If one recalls, it was the people’s massive protests that removed Estrada from office in 2001, and ousted the dictator Marcos by way of an uprising in 1986.

Thus, while the impeachment trial against Corona continues to unravel, the NDFP-Mindanao calls on the people to fortify its ranks in widespread militant protest in order to make certain that Gloria Arroyo and her toadies, such as Corona, are eventually punished.

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