Mafia overlord Duterte’s anti-drug war is one big cover-up

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NDFP National Council
Public Information Office

Press Statement | August 10, 2018

Rodrigo Duterte’s unrelenting campaign against small-time drug users and street-level pushers is nothing but a cover-up to conceal his own family’s involvement in drugs.

To date, more than 25,000 suspected drug pushers have already been killed by Duterte’s police and death squads. But Duterte wants to kill more.

It may seem puzzling why, despite the killing of thousands of suspected drug pushers, big-time drug trafficking shows no signs of abating. Just recently, PDEA agents reported finding P4.3 billion worth of shabu in an abandoned container van at the Bureau of Customs. These intercepted shabu shipments pale in comparison to the much bigger volumes of illegal drugs that securely make it past these ports.

The answer to the puzzle lies in the fact that Rodrigo Duterte is not really out to eradicate the illegal drug trade, but only to wrest complete control over it.

Why else have the victims of Duterte’s drug war been typically tricycle drivers, construction workers, vendors, farmers, jeepney barkers, garbage collectors or unemployed. The regime’s bloody campaign against drugs has largely been targeting the poor, with only a smattering of local rogue drug lords thrown in.

On the other hand, Duterte’s son Paolo, who has been on PDEA’s watch list long before his father became president, remains unscathed. This, even after the exposé of his involvement in the smuggling of P6.4 billion worth of shabu in 2017, again through the Bureau of Customs. Also very much alive is Duterte crony, drug kingpin Peter Lim, who has been absolved by no less than the DOJ. 

Unlike his tendency to make vitriolic remarks about the small-time victims of his drug war, Duterte is unusually silent on the billion-peso drug smuggling cases involving the Bureau of Customs.

This regime’s bloody war on drugs is nothing but a smokescreen to conceal Rodrigo Duterte’s rise as the country’s biggest mafia drug king. His mantra “My God, I hate drugs” is one of the biggest lies ever uttered by this thug who has built his drug empire at the cost of so many lives. ###

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