NDFP denounces arrest of 12 Turkish migrants, political refugees

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Europe attacks migrants beyond Mediterranean

By NDFP International Information Office

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) strongly denounces the simultaneous arbitrary arrests on 15 April 2015 of 12 leaders and members of the migrant workers’ group Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATIK) – seven in Germany, three in Greece, and one each in France and in Switzerland.

First, the NDFP condemns the arrests as an unconscionable attack on migrants and political refugees. Many of those arrested are duly-recognized political refugees in their respective host countries. They had fled Turkey out of fear of political persecution by the fascist Turkish government, and sought refuge in various countries in Europe.

Their arrest by the German, Greek, French and Swiss governments is a gross violation of their rights as persons and as political refugees. They fled the fascism of the Turkish government, only to be betrayed and persecuted by the “democratic” European governments that guaranteed them safe refuge.

Second, the arrests appear like a coordinated political attack on ATIK, an organization known for its militant, patriotic, and anti-imperialist causes in the service of Turkish and Kurdish migrants and people. The governments of Germany, Greece, France and Switzerland should respect the right of ATIK and its members to exist and pursue its legitimate democratic causes. The mass arrest of the ATIK 12 is happy news only to the fascist government of Turkey.

Third, the NDFP assails the mass arrests as yet another face and phase of the rising anti-migrant and politically-repressive ideas, parties and policies in Europe.

As of this writing, thousands fleeing the imperialist-instigated wars and unrest in the Middle East and Africa have been allowed to die in the Mediterranean Sea. The arrest of the ATIK 12 by four European governments only confirms this contempt for migrants, even those recognized and accepted as political refugees.

We thus join the great Turkish and Kurdish peoples in demanding the immediate and unconditional release of the ATIK 12.

We also call on the people of Europe to compel their governments to respect and protect migrants, especially political refugees. They should make their governments follow their own constitutions and the European Charter on Human Rights, and not the bloody behest of the fascist government of Turkey.

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