NDFP firmly supports President Evo Morales and the Bolivian people and vigorously condemns the US-backed coup

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NDFP Chief International Representative Luis Jalandoni

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) vigorously condemns the US-backed coup against Bolivian President Evo Morales. After Morales’ victory in the national elections on October 20, 2019, Rightist gangs led by Rightist leader, Luis Camacho, head of the so-called Rightist Committees Civicos, thrashed the house of President Morales and threatened him and his family.

The US-backed opposition refused to accept Evo Morales’ electoral victory. They secured the support of the US-supported Organization of American States (OAS) which claimed electoral irregularities committed by Evo Morales and his party, El Movimiento Al Socialismo. The OAS in turn pressured the Bolivian Armed Forces to withdraw support from President Evo Morales.

Rightist groups have also attacked the Vice-President of Bolivia and his family and members of the Senate. The Rightist gangs burned the houses of government ministers and elected officials. The brother of the president of Bolivia’s Lower House in Parliament, Victor Brodas, was taken hostage. This attack caused the resignation of Brodas.

During the last 13 years, with Evo Morales, as President and first ever indigenous leader in Latin America to be elected President, the people have benefitted much from his economic, political and cultural policies. He significantly lowered the poverty in Bolivia. He has effectively prevented US imperialism and the Rightwing groups from exploiting and oppressing the Bolivian people.

Forced by the US-backed coup to resign, President Evo Morales has accepted the offer of asylum by Mexico. He, however, declared that he would return quickly “with more strength and energy”!

Meanwhile, his supporters in Bolivia continue to confront the Rightist opposition and gangs supported by US imperialism. They retain a strong mass base among the indigenous people and beneficiaries  of social reforms and are therefore  in a position to seize the initiative from the fascist gangs unleashed by oligarchic interests opposed to  Morales’ social reforms and the nationalization of gas resources and enterprises.

The Rightists who have carried out the coup under the direction of US imperialism and the local oligarchs will soon be at the receiving end of mass protests. The patriotic and progressive forces realize that they can make  secure and stable advance in social transformation if the Bolivian people have an armed force that is as free from US imperialism, as the Cuban revolutionary army.

International solidarity for President Evo Morales and the Bolivian people is bound to grow. He is widely recognized as a great champion for the heroic struggles of the Venezuelan people led by President Nicolas Maduro and the militant struggles of the Cuban and Nicaraguan peoples, and the fight for national sovereignty, independence, democracy and peace in Latin America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere in the world.

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member National Executive Committee
Chief International Representative

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