NDFP: Prospects and Tasks

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Message at celebration of NDFP 42nd Anniversary in Manila, 25 April 2015

jms ndfp 42 anniversaryBy Prof. JOSE MARIA SISON
Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

I am very pleased to join all of you in celebrating the 42nd founding anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. I thank the organizers of the event for inviting me to speak on the NDFP: Prospects and Tasks, as follow up to the presentation of Louie on the role of the NDFP in the people’s democratic revolution and that of Coni on the NDFP’s negotiating for a just and lasting peace.

The prospects of the NDFP in strengthening itself, advancing its revolutionary role and winning greater victories in the new democratic revolution of the Filipino people are brighter than ever before. The crisis of the world capitalist system and the crisis of the US-dominated ruling system of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats continue to worsen.

The broad masses of the people are fed up with the ruling system and the current US-Aquino regime and are desirous of revolutionary change. They struggle to realize full national independence, genuine democracy, social justice, development through land reform and national industrialization, a patriotic and progressive culture, and international solidarity with all peoples fighting for peace and development against imperialism and reaction.

The revolutionary forces are fast gaining in strength. As the advanced detachment of the proletariat, the Communist Party of the Philippines is making big strides in its ideological, political and organizational work. The New People’s Army is winning brilliant victories in the battlefield and is on track in bringing the people’s war from the strategic defensive to the threshold of the strategic stalemate. The revolutionary organs of political power and the mass organizations are stronger than ever.

As a consequence, the NDFP can be more effective than ever in uniting and harmonizing the national and democratic rights of the Filipino people through its allied organizations. The NDFP is the most advanced embodiment of the national united front based on the basic alliance of the toiling masses of workers and peasants, and the middle social strata that are the urban petty bourgeoisie and the middle bourgeoisie.

The NDFP is ever ready to expand the united front by taking advantage of the contradictions among sections of the reactionary classes of big compradors and landlords, by being open to temporary alliance with the sections enlightened enough to oppose and help to isolate and destroy the power of the most benighted anti-national and anti-democratic section.

The NDFP has most successfully used the broad united front to overthrow the Marcos and Estrada regimes, and to discredit and cripple in a big way other regimes. The broad united front is working hard to mobilize the people to force the resignation of Aquino. Whatever is the outcome of the effort, the national democratic movement will become even stronger.

The NDFP has won great victories as a united front for armed revolution. This takes the concrete form of the anti-feudal united front, relying mainly on the poor peasants and farm workers, winning over the middle peasants, befriending the rich peasants, and taking advantage of the contradictions among the landlords in order to isolate and destroy the power of the despotic landlords.

The NDFP and the allied revolutionary forces within its fold are determined to become stronger and go all the way to overthrow the ruling system and establish the people’s democratic state. This is the best possible way to achieve national liberation and democracy and realize a just and lasting peace.

The NDFP continues to explore the possibility to advance the national democratic movement through peace negotiations and agreements with any regime that wishes to have an alliance with the revolutionary forces and the people. In the absence of any peace agreement, the NDFP is justified to persevere in the armed revolution.

The Philippine revolution has contributed significantly to the struggle of the world’s people against imperialism and reaction, and has gained considerable international support through the work of the NDFP abroad. We are confident that the NDFP will continue to be an effective instrument of the Filipino people and the revolutionary forces for building international solidarity with other peoples and all positive forces, and for establishing and developing proto-diplomatic relations with various governments and international agencies.

More than ever, there is a great need to strengthen the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and give full play to it as an indispensable weapon of the Filipino people in the new democratic revolution. The NDFP has the duty to carry out ten urgent tasks which are as follows:

  1. It must propagate the general line of people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war.

  2. It must educate and train cadres for united front work and engage in various types of campaigns and activities to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people for the Philippine revolution.

  3. It must promote the building of various types of alliances, such as the basic alliance of workers and peasants, the alliance of progressive forces, the alliance of patriotic forces and the broadest alliance possible, to oppose imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

  4. It must build the underground organizations of the NDFP in the urban areas and cooperate with the Communist Party and the New People’s Army in building the organs of political power and the revolutionary mass organizations in the countryside.

  5. It must deploy its cadres to help in integrating the revolutionary mass base with the armed revolution and land reform.

  6. It must engage in development activities, disaster relief, rehabilitation and environmental protection and assist in raising resources for the revolution and its social programs and facilitating the collection of contributions and tax payments.

  7. It must build revolutionary strength among the national minorities for self-determination and ancestral domain.

  8. It may engage in peace negotiations in accordance with the strategic line of realizing the national and social liberation of the people and must avoid misleading the people.

  9. It must arouse, organize and mobilize the overseas migrant workers and other overseas Filipinos for the Philippine revolution.

  10. It must work for international solidarity between the Filipino people and other peoples of the world for peace and development against imperialism and all reaction.

Long live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!
Carry forward the people’s democratic revolution!
Long live the Filipino people!

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