On Duterte fixing the plunder cases of biggest crooks in previous regimes

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Comment by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, July 11, 2019

Arroyo unwittingly exposes the fact that Duterte has been responsible for having the corrupt and obedient Supreme Court dismiss the plunder case against her. Duterte and the Supreme Court are exposed as major factors of corruption in the Philippines.

Duterte pretends to hate corruption. But his strongest alliance is with the plunderers like Arroyo, the Marcoses, Estradas, Enrile and others. He is now the chieftain of the biggest Filipino crooks in Philippine history.

Against the interest of the people, he has fixed all the plunder cases against these Luzon-based plunderers in exchange for their giving him some 14 percentage points in addition to the 25 percentage points of Bisayas votes to make him president at 39 percentage points in 2016.

The Luzon-based plunderers delivered the crucial bailiwick votes that made Duterte president, contrary to the notion that the troll armies made the difference for him. The troll armies were only good for hyping him and putting down his opponents.

Now, the people are at the mercy of a president who is hell-bent on surpassing the corruption of Marcos and who is in alliance with the most successful plunderers in past regimes. Duterte and his evil alliance of the biggest crooks in the Philippines will continue to wreak havoc, unless the people rise up to end their reign of greed.

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