On Duterte’s threat to hang himself because of his failures and abuse

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By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Duterte says that he is tempted to hang himself because of the problems that he cannot solve and that he has in fact aggravated. He talks this way out of fear that the people will soon catch up with him in a corner and hold him accountable for his failures and abuses.

But he is hell-bent on imposing a kind of state terrorism worse than martial law. He is still enjoying himself in locking down and killing people and stealing hundreds of billions of pesos in the name of the pandemic.

And he is daydreaming about being able to kill all the revolutionaries or bribe them to surrender so that he can rule without opposition from the revolutionary movement.

No psychopathic narcissist and sociopathic tyrant would really think of hanging himself until he is put in a corner by the people and the revolutionary forces.

Duterte thinks that he can appease the people by threatening to kill himself. The overwhelming response of the people is that he should go ahead and give the people some relief from his tyranny and corruption.

He seems not to realize that he has bankrupted the economy and the government and that he is the target of the people’s wrath because of the escalating oppression and exploitation that they are suffering.

Conditions are now so many times more favorable for the people’s armed revolution than in the years of 1968 to 1972. And the revolutionary forces are so many times far stronger now on a national scale than in that period.

There is practically no space for Duterte to save himself with foreign loans. The IMF, World Bank and OECD have already proclaimed the certain fall of the global GDP by 4.9 to 6 per cent this year in what they describe as the Great Lockdown.

They estimate that this is far worse than the Great Depression. The unprecedented fall of the global GDP will have the worst impact on underdeveloped and heavily indebted economies like that of the Philippines.###

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