On Robredo’s determination to expose Duterte’s protection of drug lords

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Comment by Jose Maria Sison

I am glad to know that Vice President Robredo is determined to tell the truth about the Duterte regime’s actual protection of the drug lords and about the sham war on drugs at the expense of the poor suspected users and pushers. 

It is obvious that she was fired because she had demanded the list of so-called high value targets for comparison with the list that had been supplied to her by honest sources. 

The broad masses of the people and the democratic movement of patriotic and progressive forces will certainly give support her in exposing what is in fact the Duterte drug empire. 

She deserves all possible support in fighting this drug empire and in striving to end mass murder through extrajudicial killings committed under Duterte’s orders to his corrupt and criminal minions among the police.

If the broad masses of the people are united and engage in gigantic mass actions, I think that the Duterte regime can be ousted from power like Marcos in 1986 and Estrada in early 2001. ###

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