On the publication of the NDFP draft on CASER

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By NDFP Reciprocal Working Committee on Socio Economic Reforms

NDFP Draft of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER)»

The Reciprocal Working Committee on Socio-Economic Reforms of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (RWC-SER NDFP) has published its latest draft of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER) amid the public furor brought about by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law (TRAIN), a meltdown of the public transport system, the largest contraction in employment in 20 years, proposals for charter changes that will institute dictatorial rule and increased attacks on the Filipino people’s sovereign, civil, political, economic and cultural rights.

NDFP Reciprocal Working Committee on Social and Economic Reforms Chairperson Julieta de Lima

The publication of the historic NDFP draft document is a bid to further enlighten the public and policymakers that a genuine program for agrarian reform and national industrialization directly addresses the roots of the armed conflict in the country and is the way to economic development.

The publication also includes the draft’s executive summary, which describes CASER as an immediate program for real social and economic progress that is “realistic within current political and legal processes and can be implemented by the current administration” and its succeeding non-revolutionary governments.

“But the proposals can still evolve as the struggles of the Filipino people and the millions of organized peasants, workers and other sectors advance and open the way for greater changes. As with many things, the strength of the democratic mass movement is decisive,” the executive summary read.

The NDFP RWC-SER has time and again underscored the importance of inking CASER to pave the way for the people’s aspiration and yearning for a just and lasting peace.

You may read or download the NDFP’s CASER Draft and the executive summary in the website of the NDFP. The publication will be formally presented at a book launch on February 8, 2018. Details will be announced later. #

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