On the recent NPA tactical offensive in San Fernando, Bukidnon

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May we express our profound salute to the Red fighters of South Bukidnon Subregional Command of North Central Mindanao Region for their successful tactical offensive on 14 June 2015 against the 69th Infantry Battalion (Philippine Army) who had encamped in the barangay (village) hall in Sitio Mahayag, Barangay Namnam, San Fernando, Bukidnon.

A total of 13 firearms consisting of one FN Minimi light machine gun, one M203 grenade launcher, five M14 rifles, three M16 armalite rifles, two .45 caliber pistols, one magnum .38 pistol and military paraphernalia were seized by the Red fighters in a daring attack against the Armed Forces of the Philippines troops.

It must be noted that the 69th Infantry Battalion which used to be one of Gen. Palparan’s killer battalion from Central Luzon but is now under the operational control of the 10th Infantry Division AFP has been mainly responsible for the continuing fascist attacks against the rural populace in the mountains of Davao and Bukidnon, including the most recent massacre in Paquibato which took the lives of three innocent civilians and wounded several others.

Under the 10th ID’s auspices, the 69th IB has continued to sow terror and violence in a desperate effort to give the false impression that the AFP is winning the war but at the same time pave the way for the imperialist plunder of our natural resources.

Again, our deepest commendation to the South Bukidnon Subregional command as we continue to defend the masses and the land in our fight against the most fascist and the most detrimental to the people’s livelihood — the 10th Infantry Division in their Oplan Bayanihan (counter-insurgency program) under the US-Aquino regime.

NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command

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