One More Stupid Rant by Duterte Against Me

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By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

The Filipino people, especially the toiling masses of workers and peasants, wage armed revolution not because they are robots that can be ordered by any single person or party but because they suffer intolerable oppression and exploitation by foreign and domestic exploiters and they rise up to liberate themselves and attain national and social liberation.

In his latest rant against me, Duterte expresses his low regard for the people as mere robots and thus insults them. He is grossly wrong to presume that the people are satisfied with their oppressed and exploited condition if not for the orders of a single person or party.

More people are rising up more than ever before because of the tyranny and terrorism of the Duterte regime and the worsening social and economic conditions of underdevelopment, mass poverty, high rate of unemployment, low income and rising prices of basic goods and services.

The reactionary government is becoming more bankrupt than ever before because the Duterte regime is giving the highest priority in government spending to beefing up and boosting the military and police, bureaucratic corruption, outward profit remittances, debt service on the rising public debt and overpriced infrastructure projects.###

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