Our current international work and internationalist tasks

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Conclusion: Evaluation

It will take time to build the ideological, political and organizational unity of communist and workers’ parties at a level comparable to that in the 1930s or that in 1950s. Let us remember that the 1960 Moscow meeting of 81 communist and workers’ parties was precisely the prelude to great divisions in the international communist movement. There is no golden era to hold up as an ideal and to which we can return so easily by simply holding multilateral meetings.

Certainly, unity of the international communist movement on the ground of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism is always a desirable and necessary goal. But to proceed with the project, we need to recognize how much destruction modern revisionism and reformism have wrought in stages over a long period on the great cause and achievements of socialism. These involved the undermining and breaching of socialism, misrepresentation of revisionists as communists and capitalist restoration as socialist reforms, and finally the uncamouflaged full-scale capitalist restoration in the years of 1989 to 1991.

In the present period, bilateral and multilateral meetings among communist and workers’ parties are feasible and must be held to raise the level of common understanding about the history and current circumstances of the international communist movement, analyze the current situation and agree on what the communist and workers’ parties can do individually and collectively for the resurgence of the revolutionary mass movement of the proletariat and the people against imperialism and for socialism.

Through such meetings, we can raise the level of common ideological and political understanding and through successes in the revolutionary struggles against imperialism and for socialism we can build the basis for resolving and overcoming the current differences among the communist and workers’ parties. The important thing now is for all of us to follow the principles of proletarian internationalism, equality, independence, noninterference, mutual support and cooperation in the relations of communist and workers’ parties.

We must integrate Marxism-Leninism with the concrete conditions of our respective countries, lead the proletariat and people in revolutionary struggles against imperialism and reaction and thwart revisionism and reformism.

With experience, strength and ideas drawn from revolutionary struggles in our respective countries, we as communist and workers’ parties have much to share when we meet among ourselves, such as we do now in this seminar. We can exchange experiences and analyses, raise the level of common understanding in ideology and strategy and agree on the coordination of struggles and on the various forms of cooperation. With successes in doing so, we move steadily towards a unity of unprecedented significance, effectiveness and proportions.

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