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CHINA: 30 years after the Reform

By Pao-yu Ching Professor Emeritus of EconomicsMarygrove College Michigan Download Dutch translation: CHINA: 30 jaar na de Hervorming It has been over thirty years since Deng Xiao-ping began his capitalist Reform; here


Current Philippine situation and prospects of the NDFP

Professor JOSE MARIA SISONFounding Chairman, Communist Party of the PhilippinesNDFP Chief Political Consultant The NDFP is the most consolidated and most powerful united front of revolutionary forces in the Philippines. It has


Arroyo’s bankrupt and deceptive economic policy

By Professor JOSE MARIA SISON NDFP Chief Political Consultant Gloria M. Arroyo, the fake president, keeps on babbling that her regime is propelling the Philippines to become a “first world country”. She