Revolutionary forces to assist typhoon-struck communities

Red fighters of the New People’s Army together with other revolutionary organizations have started relief and rehabilitation efforts in communities affected by the recent typhoon Quinta. “Efforts are underway to collect and


On change of leadership in the reactionary congress

Speaker Velasco is a Duterte factotum. With Cayetano and the rest of Duterte's minions, he supported the Anti-Terror Law, the shutting-down of ABS-CBN and giving Duterte extraordinary powers to divert public funds.


Stop the killings, fool! Reckoning is coming soon

Malacanang and presidential factotum Harry Roque should just shut up and order their fascist brutes and death squads to stop the killing of activists, the harassment of Philippine media and opposition leaders.


Reject Duterte fanatics’ push for palace coup

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urges the Filipino people to reject the campaign of Duterte’s fanatics calling for a palace coup to justify the establishment of a Duterte-led terrorist junta


Condemnation of the murder of Randall Echanis

In the strongest terms, I condemn the murder of Randall (Randy) Echanis and his neighbor who were unarmed. Randall was a peaceful social activist. He was a mild-mannered man of 71 years.

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