Police and military officers are splitting into pro-Duterte and anti-Duterte groups

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Comment by Jose Maria Sison

We understand that the killer Espenido should not be in the Duterte drug list because he belongs to the Duterte drug syndicate. The split among pro-Duterte and anti-Duterte police officers is becoming conspicuous. The Duterte loyalists have been promoted against the standards and procedures of the PNP and have offended too many other police officers. Thus, the anti-Duterte police officers are exposing the criminal activities of the pro-Duterte officers, especially in the bogus war on drugs.

The same phenomenon has earlier appeared publicly within the military of the Duterte regime. The predominantly pro-US military officers disagree with and are offended by Duterte’s notice of terminating the VFA. On the basis of this current, an anti-Duterte group of military officers has taken shape and is determined to oust Duterte. They assert that they are not out to seize power for themselves but to install the constitutional successor of Duterte.

The Duterte regime is moving into more interesting times as Duterte postures to challenge and shake down the US as well as the business magnates outside of his own circle of oligarchs. All his adversaries are sharply aware of the disintegrative currents within the Duterte regime and the deteriorating health of the tyrant himself.

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