Red fighters arrest soldier as AFP troops rampage communities in Davao Oriental

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New People’s Army
ComVal – Davao East Coast Sub-Regional Operations Command
Southern Mindanao Region

PRESS STATEMENT | July 23, 2018

Troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, specifically the 67th IB and the 28th IB, in Davao Oriental are turning civilian communities into military encampments and barracks to the detriment of Lumad and peasants in the province. Amid this fascism, Red fighters arrested Pfc. Johannes Dolor Parreño, Serial No. 890065, in a mobile checkpoint mounted by the New People’s Army unit belonging to the ComVal – Davao East Coast Sub-Regional Operations Command in Sitio Mampising, Brgy. Taguibo, Mati City at around 5:30pm on June 10. A caliber .45 pistol was seized from his possession during the arrest.

POW Parreño, 29, is an enlisted soldier assigned to the 28th IB in Davao Oriental since 2012. He has actively taken part in combat operations conducted by the 28th IB in the municipalities of Pantukan and Banay-Banay, and Mati City. POW Parreño is under investigation for his possible involvement in anti-people crimes perpetrated by the 28th IB and counter-revolutionary activities.

Since GRP Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s ascension to power and made worse by his declaration of martial law, the number barrios with AFP encampments amid civilian communities have steadily increased. Not only have these units of the AFP insisted on putting up detachments in the middle of civilian population, they have also saturated other barrios with their deceptively-named “peace and development teams,” a sham term for their psywar operations against Lumad and peasants that have always resulted in killings, physical and verbal abuse, fake surrender and many other human rights violations.

In Cateel, Brgy. Malibago, a barrio with less than 2,000 residents, there are three military detachments and a section of the 67th IB encamped in another sitio conducting civic-military operations. Mandaya residents are not surpised by the oversaturation of enemy troops in Brgy. Malibago since illegal logging in the barangay has always been one of the racketeering ventures of the 67th IB. Five (5) other barangays in Cateel have detachments while at least three barrios are being terrorized by peace and development teams of the 67th IB.

In Boston town, apart from their detachments in Brgy. Simulao and in Sitio Owabangon, Cabasagan, the 67th IB has periodically used the gymnasium in Brgy. Cabasagan as a command post during their combat operations and plans to make use of several housing units of Typhoon Pablo victims as encampments for their peace and development teams. PDTs have also been deployed in Brgy. Cauwayanan where farmers are being threatened to yield their productive lands to a local landlord.

In Baganga where the 67th IB holds their brigade headquarters, two other barangays, Brgy. Binondo and Brgy. Kasunogan, have detachments. In Caraga town, detachments have been put up in Brgy. Caningag and in Brgy. Pantuyan. Apart from the detachments in Brgy. Rizal and Brgy. Old Macopa in Manay town, the 67th IB presently have PDTs in Brgy. Taocanga and Brgy. Kalinawan. In Tarragona town, there are detachments in Brgy. Tubaon and Brgy. Limot. Meanwhile, in nearby Lupon town, the 67th IB has deployed PDTs in Sitio Tiombocan, Brgy. Marayag.

In Lingig, Surigao del Sur, the 67th IB have detachments in Brgy. Pagbacatan, Sitio Pamian in Brgy. Bogac and in two sitios of Brgy. Rajah Cabunsuan while peace and development teams are present in at least three other barangays.

Meanwhile, the 28th IB troops are browbeating the masses in their areas of operation. In Banay-banay, aside from a detachment in Brgy. Piso, PDTs are loitering in the communities of Brgy. Puntalinao, a nickel mining area, relieving small scale miners of their income. The 28th IB has likewise saturated the town of Lupon with detachments in Sitio Camaruyan in Maragatas, Brgy. Tagugpo, Brgy. Marayag and Brgy. Don Mariano Marcos and PDTs in Sitio Logdeck in Maragatas, in Sitios Calasagan and Consuelo in Brgy. San Isidro and Brgy. Calapagan. Finally, in Mati City, aside from their detachments, the 28th IB has also deployed PDTs in the barangays of Sainz, Sanghay, Taguibo, Culian and Don Salvador Lopez.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the martial law being implemented in Mindanao is nothing but an all-out offensive against civilians to ensure their non-resistance in the face of Duterte’s dictatorship and devastation of the Filipino people’s socio-economic lives. It is, likewise, being used by fascist troops of the AFP to lend excuse and credence to their corrupt practice of extortion and other money-making activities in their areas of jurisdiction.

The Lumad and peasants of Davao Oriental and other parts in the region continue to persist and fight back, especially by joining the revolutionary armed struggle. NPA units in Davao Oriental are being beefed up following atrocities committed by the 67th IB and the 28th IB, with Duterte’s anti-people programs as the unwitting motivator.

ComVal – Davao East Coast Sub-Regional Command
NPA-Southern Mindanao

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