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The entire revolutionary forces of North Eastern Mindanao Region (NEMR) salutes and bestows the highest honor to a true revolutionary and Red commander, Ka Parago or Leoncio Pitao. We are one with the masses, his family, friends and entire revolutionary forces in mourning his death as we praise his significant contribution to the advance of the national democratic revolution in Southern Mindanao Region (SMR) and in the country. We join the entire revolutionary movement in resolutely continuing and advancing the revolutionary cause that Ka Parago has devoted and gave his life for!

Ka Parago was respected and loved by the masses for he has sincerely and courageously served the people and the revolution for 37 years. For the masses of Paguibato, he was a caring comrade, ever willing to listen to their woes and to fight for their interests. He was always with the masses in defending their livelihood from land grabbing and plunder of greedy corporations and fighting the brutality and repression of the mercenary troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and paramilitary forces. Ka Parago was the people’s defender, a Red fighter whose commitment to the revolution has been established all throughout five (5) reactionary regimes, from Marcos’ Martial Law to the current landlord presidency of Benigno Aquino III.

As one of its military cadres and through his significant contribution, in the training of Red fighters on guerilla warfare, the 1st Pulang Bagani Command of the NPA in SMR successfully dealt numerous, daring deadly blows against operations and companies that have been destroying the land and dislocating the people in SMR. Through the correct treatment of prisoners of war of the unit he led, the NPA has shown its firm adherence to the Protocols of War and International Humanitarian Laws.

Ka Parago overcame various sacrifices throughout his revolutionary life. His father was killed by mercenary troops in the 70’s. He joined the NPA in 1978, was arrested in 1999 but upon his release in 2002, he chose to go back to the mountains and continued waging the peoples war. As a Red fighter, he lived far from his family, encountered many hardships in the face of countless military campaigns and operations and during NPA actions. The enemy has used brutal, inhumane acts to force him to abandon the masses: his family was continuously harassed and threatened by the AFP; his youngest daughter 22 year old Rebelyn was abducted, tortured, raped and then killed by military operatives in 2009. Battalions of enemy troops went after his guerilla unit without let-up in the attempt to capture or kill him. In his later years he was sick with diabetes, hyperthyroidism and hepatitis but he refused to leave the masses, preferring to stay in the guerilla zone where he would still be able to contribute directly to the revolution despite the escalating attacks of the enemy.

The fascist troops killed Ka Parago only after decades and countless attempts of the AFP and only through mercilessly killing him when he was already very sick and unable to fight back, along with unarmed medic Vanessa Limpag aka Ka Kyle, who made it known she was a medic and was surrendering. The raiding team of the Scout Ranger Company of the AFP, were true to their fascist character and were violating the protocols of war and international humanitarian laws. It staged the scene to indicate that the two were armed and were fighting back by putting weapons beside their dead bodies.

For the people of SMR and the entire revolutionary movement, Ka Parago is a martyr, Red commander and an inspiration to join the revolution and serve the people. His life and teachings will remain and continue to contribute towards the advance of the revolution.

Red salute to Ka Parago and Ka Kyle!
Advance the people war!

Ka Maria Malaya
July 6, 2015

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