Revolutionary greetings from the Communist Workers Party of Turkey TKİP

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To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines
Dear Comrades,

The human race is in a new era of crises, wars and revolutions. Crises and wars are still burning facts in our today’s world. These two closely related facts are immediate messengers of revolutions.

The stage in which we find ourselves today has reaffirmed this evaluation. Just because of that, it is the duty of every revolutionary party to prepare itself for this new historical stage in all ranks and in all respects.

As we have come to know, you will also discuss the history of the Philippine Revolution and your party’s struggle for the revolution and socialism. We find this discussion extremely significant.

Your relationship with our party has always been a revolutionary and friendly one. We consider this as a sign of your seriousness in relation to the revolution. At a stage when international relationships in a proletarian and revolutionary manner are essential, we consider ourselves very lucky to be with you at this meaningful event and again send you our revolutionary greetings.

TKİP – Foreign Organisation


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