Revolutionary tribute to Comrade Julie and Comrade Zero, martyrs of the encounter in Marcelo, Calatrava

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The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command  New Peoples Army Northern Negros Guerilla Front (RJPC-NPA) and the whole revolutionary movement and people of Negros convey the highest revolutionary tribute to Comrade Julie and Comrade Zero, the two Red fighters who offered their lives in a raid of the 79th IB Philippine Army against a squad of the RJPC-NPA in Sityo Banwa Minatay, Barangay Marcelo, Calatrava on April 17, 2019 past 4:00 in the afternoon.

A civilian, Sulpicio Hernan Jr, was also killed by the military in the said incident. The 79th IB claims that he was also a combatant of the NPA but Hernan, who had family members in the said area, was an ordinary peasant youth under military surveillance. The military had pressured Hernan to surrender for various trumped-up charges. The RJPC shares the familys grief in the untimely death and killing of Hernan. 

The unit of the RJPC-NPA bravely fought through the surprise attack of the fascist military and their CAFGU auxiliary force from the detachment in Barangay Marcelo. The enemy says they only had one wounded casualty, Sgt. Garduce, the commanding officer of the raiding troops. However, the truth is that the 30-minute gun battle resulted in 5 fascist troopers killed in action, and 5 others wounded in the enemy side. 

The fascist military covers up the deaths of ordinary soldiers they use as pawns in war, as they boast of the brutal killing of Red fighters and civilians to terrorize the people. The fatalities suffered additional headshots that indicate they were finished off and shot at close range post mortem. Their corpses were unceremoniously dragged and displayed at the plaza in Barangay Marcelo. This kind of brutality can only be the doing of desperate blood-thirsty fascists.   

While the peoples sorrow is heavier than Mt. Kanlaon with the passing of Ka Julie and Ka Zero, the whole revolutionary movement remains ever determined to advance the armed struggle. Ka Julie and Ka Zero, both 28 years old, were youthful models of their generation and they offered their lives in the name of genuine national liberation and democracy and a socialist future.

Ka Julies golden voice and her other talents as a warrior in the field of cultural work in the progressive youth and student movement, she enhanced within the armed revolutionary movement as a Red fighter of the New Peoples Army. Ka Zero pursued his remoulding as a proletarian revolutionary to do away with the rotten culture and decadent bourgeois-feudal influences inculcated among young peasants and fisherfolk. 

The fascists fool nobody but themselves with their false propaganda that a fighter of the NPA can expect only three possibilities: prison, death and surrender. The daily sacrifices, including the possibility of suffering in prison and death itself are realities that revolutionaries have long accepted in their sincere service to the people. Revolutionaries are aware that the whole of society is one big prison while the people remain bound to the oppression of ruling classes and of imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism. Even in death, the people continue to cherish our revolutionary martyrs. True revolutionaries are revolutionaries until the end. 

Lying low, even laying down of arms and conspiring with the enemy are realities on both sides, within reactionaries and revolutionaries. But the enemy is dreaming if they think that the NPA will falter after the encounter in Calatrava. The deaths of Ka Julie and Ka Zero shall serve as inspiration to comrades in boldly facing the fascist US-Duterte regime. Their sacrifices give impetus to more Negrosanon youth to join the armed struggle.

The 50 years of the NPA prove that the peoples war will advance and the Red fighters of the NPA expect only the possibility of complete victory! 

Long live the memory of Ka Julie and Ka Zero!
Advance the peoples war until victory! 

Spokesperson, RJPC-NPA
Northern Negros Guerilla Front

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