SWS manipulates survey in claiming Yolanda victims satisfied with Aquino — CPP

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By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today asserted that the Social Weather Stations (SWS) has outdone itself in manipulating the results of its pro-Aquino surveys by claiming that 73% of Yolanda victims are “satisfied” with the Aquino government’s performance when asked during the first week of December.

“This time, the SWS has overdone the manipulation of its survey and completely discredited itself when it claimed that a large majority of Yolanda victims graded Aquino as ‘very good’ at a time when the greater part of the population of Tacloban and other areas devastated by the supertyphoon were suffering gravely from the Aquino regime’s unprecendented incompetence in delivering relief, and anomalies in handling foreign aid and corruption in rehabilitation work had already become apparent.”

“Aquino’s officials are making use of the survey to make false claims that it has succeeded in delivering aid and rehabilitation projects to the victims of the supertyphoon to cover up persistent reports pointing to its utter failure to address the urgent and long-term needs of the people, including its failure to provide 95% of Tacloban with electricity almost three months since Yolanda,” said the CPP.

“People in Tacloban and the rest of the areas devastated by Yolanda are growing increasingly desperate as their families continue to suffer from lack of employment, commerce, education and medical facilities and other essential facilities,” said the CPP. “Worse, the Aquino regime has imposed such oppressive policies as prohibiting the people, especially hundreds of thousands of poor fisherfolk, from rebuilding their homes.”

“Aquino’s so-called rehabilitation program is mostly geared towards serving the needs of the business operations of the big bourgeois compradors who have been supportive of the Aquino regime,” pointed out the CPP. “The majority of poor peasants, poor fisherfolk and other middle class working people are being left out, made to fend for themselves. They are being asked to wait for the supposed benefits of the rehabilitation projects to trickle down to them.”

“The people of Tacloban and the other Visayan regions devastated by Yolanda, however, can not be made to wait while they have no work and no funds with which to support their families,” said the CPP. “Their seething anger is bound to explode as Aquino continues to falter in delivering the promised rehabilitation and makes false claims in public to cover up his criminal incompetence.”

“Malacañang’s expert public opinion manipulators have been working with the so-called survey outfits to come up with false polls to cover up and counter the increasing isolation of the Aquino regime,” said the CPP. “Over the past three years, it has been clear that the SWS, as well as the Pulse Asia, have been serving the political agenda of the Aquino regime, serving one survey after another that make constant claims of high satisfaction ratings for Aquino,” said the CPP.

“Pulse Asia presents itself as an unapologetic survey manipulator for Aquino run by the yellow media gang, while the SWS, which has actually interlocked ownership with Pulse Asia, presents itself as being a bit more credible, by coming up with surveys that are a bit less aggrandizing to Aquino, but which are nonetheless manipulated to make Aquino look extremely popular,” pointed out the CPP.

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