Message of Condolence from Japan Communist League

We, Japan Communist League, express our heartfelt condolence on the recent passing away of Comrade Fidel Agcaoili. We were very surprised to hear this sad news because he was very active just


Tribute Message from Proletari Comunisti Italy

Dear comrades, The comrades of Proletari Comunisti (PCm) Italy and all the militants andmass organisations express their condolences for the loss of Ka Fidel Agcaoili. He is not only a true anti-imperialist


The “Parangal” Picture

A little dark, but I hope my rather wordy tribute post brings a bit of light in an otherwise somber week. Bear with me. I grew up during an unfortunate time and


A Loving Tribute to Ka Fidel

Let me share my thoughts and feelings as my share in remembering KaFidel’s great contribution for the peoples’ movement and our common desire for peace. I cried for the great loss for

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