The fascist killing of Chad Booc and other Lumad teachers is a terrible defeat for the AFP in its desperate battle for the hearts and minds of the Lumad of Mindanao

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COMPATRIOTS-Europe, member, NDFP

26 February 2022

COMPATRIOTS-Europe, Revolutionary Organization of Overseas Filipinos and their Families a member organization of Filipinos abroad of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, strongly condemns the treacherous killing of two Lumad teachers and human rights defenders and three others by fascist soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on February 25, 2022 in New Bataan, Davao del Sur in the island of Mindanao. 

The AFP criminals tried to cover up the dastardly massacre by weaving the worn-out and badly-written script that the Lumad teachers were NPA guerrillas killed in an encounter. Reports from the NPA in the area, however reported, that no such encounter took place. Additional reports stated they were riding in a jeep when they were fired upon.

Among the casualties were Chad Booc and Jurain Ngujo , and three other unarmed civilians. We are aware of the considerable work of Chad Booc and the other volunteer Lumad teachers, and their stories of sacrifice and commitment as Lumad teachers and human rights defenders, and how their work has reached, and touched so many Filipinos and Europeans in this part of the world.

We join the Lumad community, Lumad students and human rights defenders and the families and loved ones of Chad Booc, Jurain Ngujo, and the three others, in grieving their loss, and outrage at this reprehensible crime perpetrated by state terrorists.

The Lumad have been steeled in their own struggle to defend their land, people and rights. They will never be cowed into silence and despair at this latest act to terrorize and deprive them of their defenders.

This killing is a terrible defeat for the fascists of the AFP and the US-Duterte regime in their desperate battle for the hearts and minds of the Lumad and the people.

Once again, the fascists themselves have taught the masses of the necessity and justness of armed resistance against tyranny and state terrorism.#

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