The people seek the ouster of Duterte with mass movement as in the case of Marcos

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Comment by Jose Maria Joma Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 22, 2019

It is correct for people to think and act in order to oust him as soon as possible. They will not be frightened and shaken down by mere matrices and threats of Duterte against groups of journalists and lawyers, whom he accuses of conspiracy.

Even some officers and men of the AFP and PNP think of withdrawing support from the Duterte regime and joining the ouster mass movement against it when the protest mass actions become gigantic.

In the first place, Duterte is responsible for the growing ouster mass movement against him because of the intolerable crimes of treason, mass murder, plunder and others that he has committed against the people.

The desire of the people to oust Duterte has become a mass movement and not the mere conspiracy of a few because of the intolerable crimes of Duterte and his evil regime against the people.

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