US Trojan Horse arrival, open-ended disaster intervention must be denounced — Patriotic Youth

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Spokesperson, Kabataang Makabayan

The Kabataang Makabayan (KM, Patriotic Youth) denounces the arrival of US’ Trojan Horse USS George Washington, a high-powered, nuclear-carrying warship in the guise of ‘relief and humanitarian mission’ in Eastern Visayas in the aftermath of supertyphoon Yolanda.

The USS Washington which is carrying around 5000 US naval troops, embarked in an open-ended mission in Central Philippines using disaster relief as its cover. This is aside from the 243 US Marines who were deployed within the week after the supertyphoon and the 700 US Special Forces stationed in Zamboanga more than a decade now. It is reported that around 13,000 US troops are involved directly and indirectly in this disaster interventionism which the US euphemistically called “Operation Damayan”.

The US DND Secretary announced that Aquino’s government requested for US warships and troops deployment in the aftermath of Yolanda. Fitting the US’ design for “inter-operationability”, Japan and Australia, two of the US’ closest allies in Asia-Pacific, joined in sending troops and warships. There are 16 armed troops of foreign countries deployed in Visayas, making Yolanda as one of the world’s most militarized disaster-aftermath operations.

We condemn the US-Aquino regime’s shameless exhibition of incompetence pre-Yolanda and in the aftermath, making the death and damages to reach a catastrophic level, and compounding the misery of the survivors. Two weeks after, the Aquino government could not present a clear accounting of the damages, much less the total casualties of the calamity, no blueprint for relief and rehabilitation.

The Filipino people must condemn and hold accountable the US-Aquino regime for its inutility and failure to prevent the massive loss of lives and stem the humanitarian crisis. We must likewise denounce this as much as the US-Aquino’s laying the ground for justification of a prolonged and open-ended US military intervention in devastated Visayas.

US imperialism is exploiting the grave situation in the typhoon-torn Tacloban and Visayas islands and hyping the propaganda that the US troops are ‘godsend’ to protect and help the victims. It echoes US imperialism’s “benevolent assimilation“ and war of occupation of our country at the end of 20th century, killing millions of Filipinos and strangling our country under its direct colonial rule.

They come like vultures ready to feed on the miserable condition that befell the masses and the country. Already the imperialist banks are also stretching its “helping hand” for the Philippines thru offers for loans for rehabilitation which surely will be onerous loans that will lead our country to perpetual indebtedness.

From its ascendancy the Obama regime has been maximizing on a less expensive and easiest entrance for its US troops in its targeted strategic areas. The US has been using the United Nation’s “responsibility to protect” doctrine and Obama’s “humanitarian intervention” as its politically-expedient justification for military action and intervention on purportedly and hyped humanitarian crisis such as in Libya and Syria. In 2010, the US likewise occupied Haiti and reasoned ‘relief and rehabilitation’ in the wake of the deadly earthquake that struck the country as its entry-point.

With or without a disaster, US imperialism is aching to regain military foothold in the Philippines along with its “Pivot to Asia”. We must expose and oppose the US imperialism deployment of US warships and armed troops and open-ended presence in the country as a Trojan Horse, and a clear affront to our national sovereignty.

The Aquino neocolonial regime must be condemned for its all-out subservience to US imperialism and all its agenda, including the camouflaged disaster intervention.


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