Waging a continuing national democratic revolution: 50 years and beyond

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‘[…] seek justice. Defend the oppressed […]’

Isaiah 1:17

Today, the Christians for National Liberation celebrate the 50 years of continuing struggle—upholding our call for national democratic revolution in the Philippines.

The Christians for National Liberation – Europe pursues an organized formation among churchpeople in the different countries in the region, so far, we are able to ecumenically unify the broadest formation of church leaders and church-workers living in Europe. We are collectively achieving a sustained growth in our conscientization and mass work, and yet we continue working collectively
relevant actions and programs in the nationalist revolutionary struggle.

Our 50th anniversary celebration motivates us to call for the end of continuing oppression on the Filipino people by the current Duterte regime and the impending perpetuation of Marcos and Duterte political families. In the almost six years of Duterte’s despotic regime, we have experienced the ruthless war-on-drugs and war-on-rights—resulting in the deaths of more than 35,000 Filipinos, the arrests and killings of activists, the bombings of mountain communities, and the vilification and red-tagging of people’s organizations and individuals. The tyranny of Duterte thru militarization must end and never be continued. As we demand for Rodrigo Duterte’s accountability in the International Criminal Court, we also call for the immediate abolition of NTFELCAC and the sanctions of its key leaders and military operatives.

We celebrate too, our consistent revolutionary commitment by “honoring and saluting the people’s army and revolutionary Christians who were challenged with social realities and faith, chose to be in solidarity with people’s relentless struggle and even taking part in the armed struggle to free the
Philippines from the shackles of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, the real dragons and evils that continue to trample and devour people and nations of their God-ordained rights to sovereignty and abundant life.”

Our faith as Filipinos remains committed to the revolutionary Christian praxis of serving the people—faith without class struggle is an empty expression of a genuine belief. Inspired by the dedication of our church-people in the revolutionary movement, who offered their lives in the service of the revolution—we salute with revolutionary admiration!

Support the People’s War!
Wage the National Democratic Revolution!
Join the Christians for National Liberation!

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